Our POS help business owners to manage their Sales and Stock. It contains following reports that aid the business owner to make timely decisions.
  • Stock Report
  • Sales Report
  • Stock Value Report
  • Expense Report
  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit and Loss
  • Debtors Report
  • Creditors Report
  • Sales Register Report
  • Expense Reports
  • Trial Balance
  • Account Creation(Sign Up)
    The first step to use this software is to create an Account or sign up. In creating an account, you need a valid phone number and email to signup for an account. Your staff ID for login will be sent to your Email or Phone number after a successful setup.
    Users using PC who have already created accounts can login from the top right conner of the application and user width Mobile devices can just tap on the login button to login
    Business Type Setup
    This system allows a user to manage different business model in one portal and can assigned each business type to staff in the business to operate in their respective business types set up by the business owner.
    Product Category
    It is proper to put your products in categories to allow easy stock and sales management.The users are allowed to setup the the different categories of businesses they operate.
    Adding Users
    Owners of businesses can add their staff and give them different access levels (e.g Admin,Accounts,Sales Register) in the System The roles assigned to each user determines what they can access in the System. Except Super Admin there are limitations for every access level.
    Register Items
    This module of the system allows you to register your items with the following details (name,barcode,selling price,cost price,product category,business type). users can add stocks of items during registration, this makes it easier for users to start selling after item registration.
    Stock Item
    Stocking in KologSoft POS is done by super admin or admin. It allows users to capture important details such as quantity purchased, cost price,waybill number,invoice number,purchase mode(Credit or Cash) etc.
    Daily sales are captured under the sales model.Cash sales and credit sales can be performed in this system. Shops that deal in wholesales and retail are able to apply the right prices based on wholesale or retail to their customers.

    Watch our youtube Tutorials on how to use our POS

    This tutorial will help to start using our POS without hustle